A series of posters designed to celebrate the 2015 Dancehall Queen Competition season.


Dancehall Queen (DHQ) Style is comprised of iconic sexy moves requiring incredible flexibility and confidence. The moves are specifically female dance moves that best highlight the areas of the body most prized by Jamaican audiences with a whole heap of bumpa jiggling and waist wineing.


During the competition each DHQ brings her own unique interpretation to the basics expanding on and embellishing them. With her unique combination of athleticism, imagination and physical style a DHQ will make her name on the stage and dance floor.


The season concludes each year with the International competition held in Montego Bay, Jamaica attracting contestants from across the globe representing anywhere up to 30 countries.


The series features 10 essential moves in the Dancehall Queen repertoire. Produced as limited edition posters printed in an A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm) format on tyvek, chosen for it's durability and versatility. Print runs are limited to 50 copies of each design and are signed and numbered on the back.


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