I'm a freelance artist, animator, and illustrator originally from Jamaica and now based in Australia. With 15 years of industry experience, I've gained international recognition as a leading figure in Jamaican visual culture.
My work delves into themes of cultural identity and sense of place, particularly in relation to music, dance, and creative expression. I specialise in creating visually captivating content for arts, music, and dance brands worldwide, infusing my projects with a vibrant tropical flair and dancehall spice.
Having closely collaborated with Jamaican dance communities both within and beyond the island, I've been able to maintain a strong connection with my cultural roots while traversing the globe. My artwork documents and explores 50 years of Jamaican dance and popular culture through mediums such as painting, surface design, animation, installation, and print media.
I've had the privilege of participating in major group exhibitions held in renowned galleries and art festivals worldwide, including The Kingston Biennial in Jamaica, The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, the Puma headquarters during the 2012 London Olympics, The National Gallery of Jamaica and National Gallery West, The Museum of Latin American Art in Los Angeles, Art Week Miami, Vivid Sydney, Art Space in Auckland, NZ, and more.
Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with a diverse range of clients, from record companies and clothing brands to independent DJs and choreographers. My work spans a wide spectrum of projects, including album artwork, animated music videos and visualizers, visual content for album, tour, and brand campaigns, logo and branding work, surface and clothing design, as well as gig and tour poster artwork.
Selected clients
Music clients including Trojan Records, Sony, ROC Nation, Red Bull Music Festival, Dubshot Records, Nick & Navi, Dubshot Records, Uffie Ice & Yami J, Relentless Records,  DJ Autograph x Sean Paul, KD Soundsystem, Team Damp, Monkey Marc, ForeignDub, Article 1 Events, Low Key Source, Rulial, Mixpak Records, MashUp International, Dibby Dibby Soundsystem, Nino Augustine, Wah Gwan Twon, Murlo and Million Vybz Sound.
Fashion clients including Adidas, Stussy Worldwide and Made in Paradise (Hong Kong).
Dance clients including DanceJA, Stylish Moves, True Jamaican Dancehall, Xqlusiv Dance Crew, 101 Doll Squadron, Jukeboxx (Chicago) and BrukOut: A Dancehall Queen Documentary.
Corporate clients including Google, Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records and Nespresso.
Media clients including Third Horizon Film Festival, Pitchfork, LargeUp, 10 Caribbean, We of the Dancehall, 15th Parish Films, Bitch Media, Tezeta Press.
Robin Clare CV​​​​​​​
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