Robin Clare x Payten & Jones

I teamed up with wine maker Ovarn Brown of winery Payten & Jones to create the label for his first go at wine making. Under the tutelage of Payto, Ovarn created his first Chardonay, Dutty Wine, fermented on skins then matured in an egg.
Ovarn hails from St Elizabeth in Jamaica, bringing with him a very Jamaican outlook on his evolution as a wine maker “In Jamaica they have a saying: The new broom sweeps well but the old broom knows all the
How to Dutty Wine:​​​​​​​
Below is a basic breakdown of the move. To learn more from the source, hop onto zoom and take a dance lesson with the master Dyema Attitude (one of the creators of the step) who teaches Dutty Wine and many other of her signature dance moves at Dance Jamaica Academy.
A few Dutty Wine Facts:

Dutty Wine is a popular Jamaican dance from the late 90’sand it’s still popular today, with super stars like Beyonce taking on the move in her live performances.
Dutty Wine was created in my home town of Montego Bay, by dance trio, the Attitude Girls and Attitude Girls member, Shalara Gayle is the record holder for the fastest, longest and duttiest Dutty Wine.
Dutty Wine’s popularity created controversy due to the long braided hairstyles worn at the time, popularized by Janet Jackson in 90’s movie Poetic Justice. The weight of braids caused a spate of neck and back injuries due to repetitive strain. The phenomenon even sparked discussions in the Jamaican Houses of Parliament.
Dutty Wine was popularized by Jamaican vocalist/DJ Tony Matterhorn.
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